Cheap And Easy To Make Veggie Salad

This is my favourite kind of dish: With just a few handy, cheap ingredients, you can have a large bowl of delicious food that’s good for you. It’s a traditional Polish dish, I just simplified it and adapted to my taste. I always make too much, so you can start by halving the quantity of the ingredients 🙂

4 potatoes
4 apples
4 carrots
5 eggs
1 tin of peas
1 tin of sweet corn
Mayonnaise (a cup or two will do, add as much or as little as you want. I make my own mayo from nuts, because I love it).
A few gherkins (optional).

Boil whole, unpeeled potatoes and carrots until soft. Once they cool down, it’s very easy to take the skin off. Chop into small cubes.

Hard boil eggs, peel them and chop into small pieces.

Peel and core apples and chop into small cubes.

Mix the potatoes, carrots, eggs and apples in a large mixing bowl.

Add a tin of peas and a tin of sweet corn (drain the liquid first).

Add a few gherkins if you like.

Add mayonnaise and mix it all well.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve for lunch with fresh bread or as a side dish.

You can enjoy your salad immediately, but I like putting it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight if I can, so that all the flavours mix well together.

I love having it for lunch or dinner and a large bowl will last for a few days. Vegetables are awesome!



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