Light Dinner To Make You Feel Awesome

Have you had one of those days when you have followed the siren song of dumplings or French fries for lunch and yet when you get home, you still want some dinner?

Well, we’re human and we should treat ourselves from time to time, so don’t feel bad. Here is what I do to get back on track and to make my body feel great without adding lots of calories.

Try this easy and delicious light dinner (all good for you, no naughty stuff). Just steam some of your favourite veggies.

I love:
– Cauliflower
– Broccoli
– Carrots.

You can also add:
– Cabbage
– Zucchini (Courgettes)
– Green beans
– Any other veggies you fancy.

I find it much easier to maintain weight and feel awesome when I have this dinner. Go on, give it a try!



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