Lean & Mean Lasagne

Love lasagne but worried about calories? Me too! Here is my version of this delicious dish which is full of yummy vegetables and kinder to my hips.

A few simple substitutions:

Use passata (tomato puree) instead of any ready-made sauce,

Try red lentils (you only need to boil them for 30 min and they’ll be beautifully soft and creamy), tempeh or tofu instead of meat,

Don’t fry anything, use passata as sauce, add herbs and veggies, boiled lentils etc. and simmer until the veggies are soft, add water as needed. It’s important not to let it get too dry,

One layer of potatoes/cabbage/carrots in the middle instead of pasta sheets,

A packet of prepared cheese sauce (no extra cheese added on top!) or a vegan version of cheese sauce with nutritional yeast,

I use gluten free and dairy free lasagne sheets, but that’s totally optional.

So what does this lasagne look like?

Passata at the bottom to the dish,

A layer of lasagne sheets,

A layer of the passata which has been cooking with veggies (my latest favourites are cauliflower and broccoli cut into small florets, sooo good!), mushrooms (if reasonably priced) and tempeh or tofu, or boiled lentils,

A layer of veggies instead of a layer of pasta sheets. I’m into potatoes lately (which are actually good for you if they come without any fat or cheese),

Another layer of the passata & veggie sauce,

A layer of lasagne sheets,

Cheese sauce added on top (no extra cheese) or a vegan version of the cheese sauce,

Bake in the over for around 40 min or until ready.


This lasagne is lovely, good for you and tastes amazing. Go on, have a large helping!


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