Bored with your lunch?

Try this “cheese” made from nuts, it’s delicious. I’m going to have it with rice crackers and tomatoes. Whether you eat dairy or not, it’s great to mix things up a bit from time to time. It could help in losing weight or you may just want to impress everyone with an unusual dish.


This nutty goodness is from “Go Dairy Free” by Alisa Marie Fleming, I just adapted it a bit. The colour should have been lighter and yellow, but I added dark miso which I love.

I have tried several recipes from this book and they have all been simple and super yummy. My favorites are the sliceable Swiss-style cheese I’ve just made, the sour cashew crème which I use as mayo or cream to thicken soups and the mellow cheese sauce (without any cheese).

I borrowed the book from my local library first, along with many others, but that was the one I decided to buy. It’s a good way to decide if I really want to spend money on something.

What’s your favourite cookbook with interesting recipes? Do share!


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