Delicious breakfast on a budget

Make your breakfast yummy and spend as little or as much as you want. It’s a mixture of grains, nuts, seeds, fruit, dried fruit and all of it with some milk.

Mix in any proportion you like. I use 6 tablespoons of cooked grains, 2 tablespoons of nuts and seeds, a banana and lots of blueberries, occasionally I add a tablespoon of raisins and then a cup of soy milk.


Grains (rice, quinoa, buckwheat or anything else you fancy. I prepare it once a week and keep the boiled grains in an airtight container in the fridge. This way I can grab as much as I need quickly).

Nuts and seeds (I like almonds and soaked chia seeds. I leave them soaking in soy or any other milk in the fridge, or lemon juice for a few hours and they get nice and soft). Sunflower seeds also work very well.

Fruit (I love bananas and blueberries when they’re in season. Mangoes, dates and apples are also great).

Dried fruit (optional: raisins, for example, add so much sweetness!).

Milk of your choice (I use soy milk, but any milk you like will do). I add a cup, but if you like a lot of liquid, go for it!

Mix it altogether and enjoy!

Do let me know your favourite combinations!



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